Here you'll find a wide range of drums that are appropriate for use in Early Years settings, including djembe, shaman drums, ocean drums, dundun, tong drums, thunder drums . . . as well as great value drum bags, drum harnesses and other drum accessories.

At Sound Children we're passionate about making affordable, top quality instruments. Our drums are made from sustainable materials, they're Fairly Traded and they're all guaranteed for quality amd we give 30% discount to schools, nurseries and other educational users.

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Djembes are the classic, hour-glass shaped west African drums and they come in very wide range of sizes. The smaller ones can be played with the finger tips or with small beaters (one supplied with each small djembe) and in Early Years settings the bigger ones are usually best played on their sides with the player astride. Older children and grown-ups can play the djembe sitting on a stool or chair with the drum resting between the knees. A big djembe (50cm or 60cm) is also a great instrument for the teacher and perfect for establishing a pulse for group playing. [...]
"Having now used the bamboo djembes for a couple of months, I can safely say Iím converted! The sound quality is excellent; slightly different from the wooden djembes but still rich and strong. However, the biggest plus is the lightness of the drums as this makes getting them out, distributing and putting them away almost effortless. The children also find them easier to handle and this has meant that Iíve used them more frequently with the younger ones as even 6 and 7-year olds can move and carry them with ease. Next time I need to replace a drum I will definitely be ordering from your bamboo range."
by. Director of Music, The Mall School
Individual instruments: Drums - Dundus
We are very happy with the drums. They are perfect for Key Stage 2 children, who are all enjoying playing them. They are easy to store and carry around and make a surprisingly good range of sounds for their size. I am looking forward to developing my own skills and teaching schemes. The communication and advice about which drums to buy etc was excellent and very useful.
by. Primary Teacher
Individual instruments: Drums - Thunder Drums
Individual instruments: Drums - Ocean Drums
Individual instruments: Drums - Shaman Drums
Instruments - Drums - Other
After teaching music to children for 20 years, the Jumbie Jam has come to be the most fun method of teaching music to students I have known. Even the most difficult and hard-to-reach students connect with the Jumbie and claim it as their own. I do not have any discipline issues when I teach the Jumbie. Students immediately engage in this fun instrument and are learning the power of music before they even realize it. Students who have never experienced making music, now LOVE music class and this fun and contagious style of music.
by. Music Insructor, West Chester Academy of Music